Cheap parking at Vienna Schwechat Airport

Vienna Schwechat airport parking ticket - specimen

Vienna International Airport in Schwechat offers almost 22.000 parking places.

The majority of parking is meant for a long term parking - multistorey car parks P3 and P4, the open parking area Parking C. Car parks P3 and P4 are connected to Airport terminals by corridors and covered sidewalks.

Car park Mazur is for clients, who prefer the cheapest price and who accept transfer to Airport terminals by Airport Shuttle. . The Car park is located 2 km from the Airport terminals, on the left of B9 road in Schwechat direction. The Address: Pressburger Strasse 143, 2320 Schwechat. The bus public transport is free (schedule).

Car park MAZUR

Car park Mazur - logo Mazur to terminal transfer by bus takes 15 minutes Vienna airport Schwechat - Car park Mazur GPS coordinates: 48,129700° 16,541000°

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Multistorey car parks P3/4

Multistorey car parks P3/4 - logo walking from the multistorey car parks P3/4 to the airport terminals in 6 minutes Vienna airport Schwechat multistorey car parks P3/4 GPS coordinates P3: 48,122420°	16,559950°

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By purchasing the Parking time card our client will get following benefits:
 the car will be left at the official Car park directly in Vienna International Airport,
 these car parks are fenced, monitored and guarded, accessible only through the monitored entrance,
 the client will pay less than half of the on arrival price.

How to...

What to do at the arrival to the Airport

Push the button on the entrance ramp
terminal will print the parking ticket

Take the parking ticket
with printed time of your entrance

Choose a parking place
and note it somewhere to find it after your arrival :-)

Find your departure Terminal/gate/checkin
T3 for Austrian Airlines, T1 for holidays usually

Enjoy your holiday
or business trip :-)


What to do after arrival from holiday

Find the payment terminal/machine
there are several on a way to your car
(you can pay on exit barriers, the process is identical)

Insert the parking ticket
(the one you get when entering the parking)

The machine calculates the price for parking
this price is just informative for you

Insert the parking time card
the machine will use the card as a parking payment

Take the parking ticket
you have 20 minutes to leave the parking

Return to your car
and drive to the parking exit barrier

Insert the parking ticket to ramp opening
do not throw it away, it can be useful later

Enjoy your trip home :-)


Parking  # of days  # of hours  Our price1) Price on arrival2)
Mazur 3) 4 days 96   41,40 € 54,60 €
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - car park Mazur 8 days 192   52,50 € 79,90 €
15 days 360   67,50 € 107,90 €
22 days 528   86,40 € 129,90 €
Parkplatz C 4) 4 days 96   64,50 € 84,90 €
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - car park C 8 days 192   76,20 € 104,90 €
15 days 360 107,40 € 139,90 €
Parkhaus P3/4 5) 4 days 96   88,20 € 137,90 €
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - multistorey car park P3/4 8 days 192 105,00 € 185,90 €
15 days 360 170,40 € 269,90 €

1) Prices (20% VAT incl.) are valid until new pricelist is released. The supplier reserves the right to change the price.
2) You would pay this price when arriving to the Airport if you didn't buy our Parking time card.
3) Car park Mazur near to Schwechat Airport, where you will be taken by FREE bus according to following schedule.
4) Open space “Parkplatz C” at Vienna airport Schwechat.
5) P3 Parking house - suitable for 1/1A/2 Check-in, or P4 Parking house - suitable for 3 Check-in and the arrivals, too.

VAT listed in previous table (according to § 16, Abs. 1, VAT Act) is linked to Austrian property and therefore is paid by SlovCAD s.r.o. to Austrian Tax office account, with registered office in Graz, account n.: 5 534 681 (IBAN: AT70 6000 0000 0553 4681; BIC OPSKA TWW; KS: 60 000).

Parking # of days Price
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - car park Mazur 4 days 41,40 €
8 days 52,50 €
15 days 67,50 €
22 days 86,40 €
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - car park C 4 days 64,50 €
8 days 76,20 €
15 days 107,40 €
Vienna international Airport Schwechat - multistorey car parks P3/4 4 days 88,20 €
8 days 105,00 €
15 days 170,40 €


 Payment and delivery  Bank transfer - delivery by mail - 1st class registered letter (3,30 €, VAT incl.)
Cash on delivery - delivery by mail - 1st class registered letter (3,30 €, VAT incl.)
In cash - in person at office in Trenčín-Soblahov
Other delivery - call +421 948 38 77 76 (we speak EN, FR, RU)
Please, fillout all required fields (*)!
 Personal details 
*Name Name of the ordering
* Surname of the ordering
* Email of the ordering
* Phone of the ordering
 Order content 
* number of parking tickets, for which car park, for how many days
* way of payment and delivery of parking tickets
* the latest date for parking ticket delivery
 Invoice address 
I am:

Additional comments
Additional comments

Frequently Asked Questions

show / hide answerWhat is Parking ticket?
You will receive parking ticket at the arrival to parking after pushing button on the entrance barrier. The time of arrival will be printed on it. Do not leave the ticket in the vehicle, keep it in a safe place instead. You will need it after the return from trip to pay for parking and for billing your business trip.
show / hide answerWhat is Parking time card?
Parking time card which you will buy from us represents prepaid parking time. It is not purposed to enter the parking, you will use it after the return to pay for parking instead. International Schwechat Airport issues for its car parks following Parking time cards in categories 4, 8, 15 and 22 days.
show / hide answerCan the Parking time card be sent by email?
No, because the Vienna Airport issues cards only in a paper form. The size of Parking time cards is identical to a credit card.
show / hide answerHow long does the delivery take?
Parking time cards are delivered by 1st class recomended letter by Slovak post. For the Slovak republic delivery takes 3 work days, for EU countries 3-5 work days. We use Slovak Post Express courier for urgent deliveries. Delivery is on 2nd work day. Parking time cards are delivered always against receiver's signature.
show / hide answerMay I use the Parking time card multiple times?
No, the Parking time card can be used only once during its validity as a parking payment of any length (for car park only it was issued for).
show / hide answerIs it necessary to state the parking term in the order?
No, you can use the Parking time card anytime during its validity for one-time payment.
show / hide answerHow long are the Parking time cards for Schwechat Airport valid?
Parking time cards for the car park Mazur are valid until 31/03/2018.
Parking time-cards for the car park C and for multistorey car parks P3/4 are valid until 31/03/2019.
show / hide answerWhy there is no bonus included in the Parking time cards?
It is correct that there used to be additional hours included for the car park C and for multistorey car parks P3/4 before 31/03/2016. Schwechat international airport in Schwechat has decided to unify all Parking time cards issued after 01/04/2016 to following categories: 4, 8, 15 days (all without additional bonus hours).
show / hide answerHow is the parking time calculated?
Parking time starts by entering the car park/parking dome and ends by payment in a payment machine. Parking is not calculated per day - e.g. if you park from Wednesday 19:00 to Thursday 17:00, it does not mean you park for 2 days, but for 22 hours (i.e. almost a day).
show / hide answerWhat if I park longer that the Parking time-card limit?
In case you park longer than the value of the Parking time card (e.g. 15 days) is, you first use the Parking time card at the payment machine, then the machine deduct these 15 days from your parking time and displays the remaining hours of parking (there is 5,00 € fee for the car park C for starting the 16th day of parking). You can use both cash or credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, Maestro) for payment for the leftover hours or for the mentioned fee. This principle is valid for all car parks/parking domes at Schwechat Airport.
show / hide answerMay I pay at the exit barrier?
Yes, you can. First you place the parking ticket in the ramp opening, the machine calculates hours to be payed, then you insert the Parking time card. Remaining hours can be payed only by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, Maestro), not in cash.
show / hide answerHow fast do I have to leave the car park?
You have 20 minutes to leave from the moment of payment.
show / hide answerMay I use the Parking time card to pay for other parking?
No, you can't. The Parking time card can be used for payment only in the car park for which it was issued. The Parking time cards for the multistorey car parks P3/P4 is the only exception and are interchangeable (it's up to you which one you will use).
show / hide answerWhich parking is the closest to the Arrival terminal?
The multistorey car park P4 is the closest, it is situated directly in front of the Arrival Terminal T3.
show / hide answerWhich parking is the closest to the Departure terminal?
There is no definite answer, it depends on your destination, or which Airlines you will use. In case of charter flights, the old terminal T1 is used, then the multistorey car park P3 is the closest. If you fly with Austrian Airlines for example, the parking dome P4 is the most advantageous, since it stands directly in front of the terminal T3.
show / hide answerWhich parking is the cheapest?
The car park Mazur is the cheapest. It is located 2km from the Airport terminals, left from B9 road in Schwechat direction. The Address: Pressburger Strasse 143, 2320 Schwechat. You can get to/from car park by free bus transport (so-called Airport Shuttle), here you can find schedule.
show / hide answerIs parking at Vienna Schwechat Airport safe?
The Car parks are fenced, monitored by a close-circuit TV system and guarded, accessible only through a monitored entrance.
show / hide answerWhere to solve potential issues?
In case of any issues, it is necessary to contact the Car park Administrator. For the car park Mazur, his office is situated right from the entrance barrier and he is available from 7:00 to 19:00. Outside of these hours it is necessary to contact main airport parking administrator. His office is on the ground floor of the multistorey car park P4, on the left of the car park entrance against the elevators. He provides 24-hour service and can be contacted through any payment machine, on entrance or exit barriers, by pushing a button with a telephone symbol. You can also visit him personally in his office.
show / hide answerWhat if I don't understand the Car park Administrator?
Call us on +421 948 387 776 and we will try to solve your issue „” wish you a pleasant day.
show / hide answerWhy I didn't receive a recap of order?
The recap of order is generated automatically and sent immediatelly to your email. Reasons why you didn't receive could be one of the following:
- you made a mistake during writing of email address (wrote uncorrect sign, e.g.. comma instead of dot),
- you have overload your email box,
- your email server interpreted recap of order as from unknown address and forwarded it to spam folder,
- your email server didn't allow to receive email from our address.
If you still didn't find recap of your order, don't hesitate to call us +421 948 387 776 and we will try to solve it „” wish you a pleasant day.
show / hide answerWhy should I order from you? What kind of bonus you offer?
We have been using Vienna Schwechat Airport parking already for more than 12 years, we parked there for more than 500 times. Therefore we can advice what, when, where, how...? We have all Parking time cards in stock in sufficient amount. Our E-shop complies with Slovak legislative requirements, we are certified sellers and we enjoy our work. Our slogan is „Order today, delivery tomorrow „” wish you a pleasant day”.
show / hide answerWhat is happening after my order is sent?
1) Your order is immediately admitted to our system immediatelly
2) You receive an automatic order confirmation on your emailimmediatelly
3) You receive a preliminary invoice (in case of payment by Bank transfer), or an information about shipping (in case of “cash on delivery”) in the same day
4) Your order is completed (invoice, certificate of delivery, parking tickets and other info) and sent by post (in case of “cash on delivery”), in case of payment by Bank transfer we are waiting for info about payment, after its receiving the order is completed and sent by postin the same work day, resp. after bank transfer confirmation
5) We send you a track id, you can Track & Trace your deliveryday after sending

1) Working day is meant Monday to Friday (8AM - 5PM).
2) Orders received after 5PM are completed next working day.



Parking cards price update
International Airport Vienna Schwechat updates its parking card prices from 01/04/2017, consequently we do the same. The actual prices are valid from 17th of april 2017 until the appeal.


New web for English speaking clients
Slovak version of our web exist already 5 years, we have thousands of clients from that time, many of them are our regulars. Now we create English version for cheap parking at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions„” wish you a pleasant day.


Our recommendation
We see some delayed deliveries by Slovak post during few last weeks (i.e. letter not delivered on 2nd day after shipping, but one day after). Therefore we recommend our clients to order parking cards for Schwechat in advance, that is for Slovak addressees 3 working days, for the other EU clients 3-5 working days. Thanks for your understanding.


New responsible web
After several months of development and testing, we released new web update. We want to be more helpful, easier to understand and to get visitors all information for travelling to the Schwechat airport car parks. Its structure and content design is for all platforms - a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or big-screen TVs, too.


Changing the prices of Schwechat parking tickets.
Vienna Airport has changed from 01/04/2016 prices of prepaid parking cards, so we have adapted our prices, too. Current prices can be found in the price list and are valid from 11/04/2016 until further notice.


Change of price on the spot for car park Mazur
Vienna airport adjusted price list from 01/01/2016. Just for better understanding - if you use car park Mazur more than one day it is cheaper to pay by 4-day parking ticket instead of the so called price on the spot. Our prices we didn't change. Please contact us for more information.


All older news are published in Slovak version only.

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Cheap parking project is an indirect result of our frequent trips abroad, during which we regularly use Vienna airport car parks for parking. It does not matter whether we travel on vacation or for business, in both cases, we use to pay time cards for parking and thanks for it we pay less than half of what we would have paid on the spot. In late summer 2012, we started to provide this service to other companies.

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ViennaAirportParking Cheap parking is operated by SlovCAD s.r.o. company, which core business is engineering services ranging from engineering design of 3D virtual prototypes, continuing by creating of drawings (2D / 3D) and ending, for example, stress analysis and visualization of the future products. All this with the help of the most advanced CAD applications such as AutoCAD, CATIA, ANSYS.

Company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trenčín, section Sro, file number: 23475/R.